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Free Math Worksheets - Class 2,3,4

You will find worksheets for math in the primary school (class 2,3,4), printable as PDF files. The worksheets are free for download. On this page: Exercises overview .
Printable worksheets: We have prepared hundreds of exercises for maths. Worksheets for several subjects and different classes/grades. Free download!
Paper for download

Millimeter paper, logarithmic chart paper, squared paper and music sheets for free download! Paper database:

Number walls (mental arithmetic, logic)

Number walls are part of standard exercises in maths lessons (primary school). They are suited for mental arithmetic training and an interesting type of exercises for the pupils. The exercises on the worksheets are ordered by difficulty. You can find 50 different worksheets regarding number walls. The worksheets are free for download, including the answers.
Link to the Number walls worksheets
Magic squares

Magic squares are arrangements of numbers, where the sums of horizontal, vertical and diagonal numbers are equal. With worksheets of this type of exercises it is possible to practise mental arithmetic and logic. There are 20 varying sheets with magic squares available. You can download the worksheets free of charge.
Link to the Magic squares worksheets
Telling the time

For some students of primary schools it is difficult to read the analog time from the clock face. Here are some worksheets for handling times and clock faces. 20 varying sheets concerning the clock are ready for download. They include the solutions/answers.
Link to the Time worksheets
Number line

While practising the orientation in a number range up to 100 / 1000 the teachers and students in the primary school (class 2, 3) make use of the number line. You can find 20 printable worksheets with the subject number line for free download/printing.
Link to the Number line worksheets
Cube nets

Cube nets are suited for practising the 3D orientation. Solving these exercises the students will develop their sense for the 3rd dimension. Which cube nets can successfully be folded to a 3D cube? How many nets are possible? We have prepared 10 worksheets for the cube nets training. Free download, all exercises come with free answer sheets.
Link to the Cube nets worksheets

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